How about hosting a group chat with the Artistic Director after a performance on Facebook?

fbchat1Given the amount of arts organisations developing a presence on Facebook with company Pages, a group chat using the platform of Facebook may be a good engagement and promotional opportunity.

The article discusses four key components you need to sucessfully host a chat:

  1. Goal: Why is this chat taking place in the first place? Are you trying to increase engagement on your page? Are you looking to grow your Facebook reach? Do you want to help promote a particular campaign you’re running?
  2. Topic: Will it need a subject matter expert to moderate and answer questions, or will your social media manager suffice?
  3. Call-to-Action (CTA): Your chat should have a clear next step, make sure you’re giving those who engaged with you a destination to head to next.
  4. Tracking Token: If you include any links in your chat, they’ll help you gain insight into the success of your chat if you include a campaign-specific tracking token.

It then gives 8 simple tips to hosting a Facebook Chat and what they learnt from the exercise.

Do we have any Optimiser participants willing to give this a try?

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